Surprisingly in some ways, this is often a busy time of the year for us when it comes to in bound inquiries about renovating…

I have spent the last few weeks while our office was officially closed, keeping an eye on inbound emails and calls and have seen 4 or 5 people over the Christmas/New Year period about potentially working with them this year to renovate their house.

Our history over the last few years has shown that in fact this is a time of the year when people often do decide to take the plunge and begin that long talked about search for a renovation builder.

For some, I think the thought of another year have gone by and doing nothing about renovating drives them to make a call.

For others, a bit like the health club resolution, they begin the New Year all fired up and ready to act on their renovation plans after spending Christmas and New Year together and relaxed.

I believe the main reason for this spike in inquiry is that this is a time of the year when people are together and have time to sit, think, talk and plan.

When it comes to planning your renovation, it is important to remember that from the first meeting you have with your renovation builder to when the project starts will be somewhere between 4 and 6 months!!

Unfortunately that is just how long it takes by the time….

• the initial concept is designed
• a price estimate is prepared based on that concept
• a decision is made on preferred builder
• the concept is finalised
• selections are made
• the build price is fixed
• a contract is signed
• plans are submitted to Council
• Engineering gets involved
• CDC and energy efficiency are lodged…..

….the list just goes on and on!

Then, the work is done and in our case, almost always the build is significantly quicker than the time taken to get to site.

So if you are hoping to have a renovation completed for Christmas 2019, then the time to start is now!!

And remember, the initial deposit is not required till a contract is signed, with the bulk of the funds being paid in progress payments once the renovation commences. So that gives you a significant period of time to save extra funds and spend time with your lender to put funding (if required) in place.

Make one of your New Year resolutions to make that initial contact with your list of possible builders and by the end of the year, you will be enjoying your newly renovated house.

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