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New Year resolution; start your renovation plans now!

Surprisingly in some ways, this is often a busy time of the year for us when it comes to in bound inquiries about renovating… I have spent the last few weeks while our office was officially closed, keeping an eye on inbound emails and calls and have seen 4 or 5 people over the Christmas/New […]

Build your new second storey on site or off site??

A number of our competitors are out in the market talking about the benefits of using a factory built pod which is then craned into place onto your existing home, as opposed to constructing the new second storey on site which is our preferred method. Their main selling benefits for the pod or offsite construction […]

Happy 10th birthday Green-Shore Builders!!!

On the 24th of September 2008, Green-Shore Builders Pty Ltd was officially registered. Talking to Day One employees Barry and Kyne, they still vividly remember sitting at Quentin Green’s in Wembley having a few beers that day, hardly believing that in 10 years time they would still be wearing the Green-Shore colours and be busier […]

Do I live through our renovation…or move out?

Its funny how of the literally hundreds of potential customers we see every year, many people ask a lot of the same questions…. And one we always get is….. “Are we able to live through the renovation or do we have to move out?” I would say that more than 80 percent of people live […]

Our on-site renovation team

When it comes to selecting the builder… … that you will choose to do your renovation, be sure and ask lots of questions about the tradesmen that the builder employs full time, the sub contractors that they use and how many sub contractors they use in each different category eg bricklaying, plumbing, electrical etc These […]

Top tips for a successful renovation

There’s so much to think about when you undertake a renovation project. We hope that the following tips help in getting the right outcome for you and your builder. The importance of pre-planning The time you spend up front planning will save you even more time and money later. It’s better to invest more time […]

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