This is another question that we get asked ALL the time…

At the risk of upsetting every designer and architect out there, our advice is a resounding NO!!

Why no to architects and designers?

Quite simply, we find in 9 out of 10 cases, a designer/architect has the cost of the project as the lowest single priority…and this is never a great starting point for a renovation!!

So often we get the phone call…..

My friend/best friend/a friend of the family/father/brother etc is a designer/architect and has put together a concept for us…

Great we say…did you tell him/her your budget??

Yes we told him/her the budget and we are assured that this design is right on budget, if not a little under…..

And then, 99 times out of 100 (and I am not exaggerating) even a cursory glance at the drawings and a ball park estimate sees us $50,000, $100,00 sometimes even $200,000 over the client’s budget!!!!!

Unfortunately it seems that budget and design are often mutually exclusive when it comes to architects and dsigners….

In short, the designer has been paid, we are the villains for “pricing it so high” and the whole potential relationship is off to just such a bad start….

So to summarise…

By all means get an opinion from your friendly designer/architect…or get him/her to look at the concept we do. In fact, pick as many people’s brains as you like, but when it comes to the crunch, have us design something to your budget. That way we can then also allow for standard exclusions like flooring, painting and air conditioning to be factored in, so that the final price of the renovation comes in at your budget, not $100k over.

Like it or not, everyone has a budget and the more open you can be with your renovation builder about what you want and how much you are happy to invest, the sooner a practical and cost efficient solution can be created for you by our award winning team.