No room to extend on your current block? No problem! Move UP and build a second storey.

A second storey is usually undertaken either when there is no room left on the block at ground level to expand or to take advantage of a view.

As it is approximately 50% more expensive to build a second storey compared to ground floor works, there needs to be a compelling reason to head in this direction. Plus not everyone wants to walk up and down stairs every day!

Most often, we either put upstairs a Master Suite consisting of a bedroom, retreat, walk in robe and ensuite. Alternatively, we build 2 or 3 bedrooms, an activity area and a family bathroom for a growing family upstairs.

As the second storey is constructed completely externally, right down to external painting and texture coating, you can very easily live through the process, so avoiding the cost of renting elsewhere. The very last piece of the project is to break through to the ground floor and install the staircase.

The other thing to consider with a second storey is over looking issues with neighbours which will often dictate where windows and balconies can be situated. On the subject of balconies, they are often talked about in the planning stage but usually dropped as they are expensive to build and in our experience, very under utilized in the long run.

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Also worth considering when it comes to second stories is planning to have any activity area shut off via a door to avoid noise transfer.

Also consider using a sound proofing product between the upper and lower storey.

Be sure and have an air conditioning strategy, as any second storey is significantly hotter than the ground floor. Either extend your existing evaporative or reverse cycle system to include the new floor, replace the system for the whole house or utilize split systems in the upstairs rooms.

Finally, the location of the staircase downstairs needs advance consideration as clients often lose some or part of an existing room downstairs. This is often the smallest bedroom which is replaced by a stairwell with storage underneath.